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Click here to read Secrets of the Pink Kush to learn how to grow and breed killer cannabis strains and learn many other previously unknown facts about nature and giants (tetraploid humans).

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*** Youtube videos from Read Secrets of the Pink Kush to learn how to breed and grow medical marijuana / cannabis strains.

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Serving all of Canada with mail order clones.

Home of world's best cannabis genetics. Mail order clones and seeds available. Shipping Anywhere in Canada ONLY using Next Day Service.

Grown in soil with HID lights and the best water in the world. Located in the Fraser Valley, BC, Canada

Medical Marijuana seeds for sale in Canada only by mail or local pick up. Medical Marijuana clones for sale by local pickup in Surrey, BC. Absolutely no seed shipments to the U.S.

The FREE Billy Budd Cannabis Growing Software Toolkit contains all Health Canada Forms for Medical Marijuana Access Division Applications/Renewals plus special MMAR Designated Grower Forms for keeping records.

We have the world's strongest cannabis strains in both clone and seed format. These strains have been tested and proven to be superior to anything else on the planet.

  • F1 Hybrid Diploids from divergent Inter Bred Lines 25% THC
  • Triploids (True Sinsemilla - Sterile) 30% THC
  • Tetraploids 40% THC
  • Pentaploids (True Sinsemilla - Sterile) 50% THC
  • Hexaploids (World's Strongest Cannabis) 60% THC
  • Septaploids (still under development)
  • Octoploids (still under development)

World's foremost researchers on polyploid cannabis. Read Secrets of the Pink Kush for a complete understanding of how to develop a superior organism (cannabis or other) using higher levels of ploidy. Three volumes of hidden ancient and modern knowledge with recent amazing discoveries. One of the most important science text books ever written in the history of mankind. This book reveals how to grow superior cannabis for patients and many other secrets that others do not want you to know. The paperback and e-book version should be available in bookstores in mid to late August 2015.

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