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I am being forced to move this group from Facebook to my own server due to being put into Facebook jail (account suspension) for totally bogus reasons. The real reason is that they do not want you to know the truth and Facebook is run by these evil people who continue to lie, deceive and make false accusations against myself and others because we are exposing them and/or going against their hidden agenda. They do not want cannabis legalized. Regardless, this will avoid any and all Facebook drama and I will be able to continue to present valuable information on growing and breeding cannabis.

Please bear with me until I can get these articles in different pages. Most of the real content from the Facebook Cannabis Master Growers Group is here. I will be working on splitting the pages out to make it easier to read and find the information that you seek.

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Automated Nutrient Mixing (Oct. 20, 2017)

Automated pH Balancing DIY Projects (Oct. 20, 2017): One could also use the EC meter as a feedback mechanism for pH balancing soil based systems. See this video for pH balancing hydro systems. That system could also possibly be used as a reservoir for soil based systems with drip emitters.

Automated pH Balancing DIY Project

Grow Room Monitoring October 19, 2017:

Professional growers will require some instrumentation for their grow rooms. This will include CO2 monitor and controller, air temperature controller and relative humidity control. There are other aspects for which you may wish to monitor such as Carbon monoxide CO or ozone levels. Each of these monitors should, ideally, be connected to their respective assets for which they monitor and potentially rectify the situation. This is all part of a closed loop system in which everything is monitored and adjusted when necessary.

Your CO2 monitor should connect to your CO2 generator (gas or propane) or CO2 tank nozzle. The thermometer should be connected to the heater and the air conditioning system. The psychrometer, which measures humidity, should connect to the dehumidifier or a water mister to increase the humidity.

Employing these wonderful systems is not always possible as these systems can cost well into the thousands of dollars. You should be able to measure all aspects of your grow room and be able to adjust accordingly. This will ensure a healthier and higher yielding crop.

Hope that helps. Billy Budd AKA William Harold Bradshaw, Dipl. T, CPIM author of Secrets of the Pink Kush.

Avoid Feminized Seeds: Regardless of the underlying genetics, the use of feminized seeds should be highly discouraged. The problem with feminized seeds is that they are selfed or reversed. This process goes against nature and produces an unstable plant. The resulting plants will, due to their genetic instability, have a tendency to "hermie", become hermaphrodite with shock or stress. This means that plant will develop male pollen sacs if the plant becomes over stressed. A normal healthy female plant can handle much higher levels of stress and thus is not susceptible to this undesirable "hermie" condition. The problem with the plant going "hermie" is that the male pollen can now affect your entire crop turning it into a seeded crop which is of much lower medicinal value and hence commercial value. Always buy regular seeds and sex them or buy clones which are already sexed. Knowing your genetics and breeding makes you a better grower. - Billy Budd Having said that, here is a video that I did on how to make feminized seeds but also more naturally to prevent the hermie condition.

YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT BECAUSE BITCHING ABOUT IT WILL NOT WORK: REMEMBER: The POLICE are NOT your friends. Anybody who states otherwise is either a moron or working for them. They are part of the domestic army which means they are there to control, kill, maim or lock you up. Their main goal is to keep the peace and enforce the laws. They are SATAN, the enforcer, the adversary, the prosecutor. The RCMP here in Canada even have the bison horns as their symbol which represents the Bull or Satan. Their entire system is based upon deceit in order to maintain their power. They do not care about your rights or the laws and they only thing they serve and protect is Lucifer (their goddess who is a female tetraploid human), her Jewish administrators and themselves. The Jews write the laws as well as run the government and the laws are designed to allow them to escape justice while you can be punished at their whim. You will have no recourse because they control almost everything including the Civil Liberties Unions, Amnesty International and many other non-governmental organizations. They do not want cannabis legal and will do everything they can to keep it illegal or to genetically modify it such that cannabis is of no medicinal benefit. This is documented in the Book of Enoch. The reason is that cannabis is the Tree of Life and God (a false god as they are just tetraploid humans) does not want us to have cannabis because it makes us live longer, happier and healthier lives. They want you to rely on doctors and pills to survive. Your job, according to these gods and goddesses, is to be a slave and serve them. The Jews are the chosen ones to administer this malevolent New World Order. you are not permitted to know of the existence of these advanced tetraploid humans and that is why they are called the Hidden Ones (Psalms 83:3) AKA Serpent People (they are not reptoids). I can and do prove everything that I have stated here in my book, Secrets of the Pink Kush. For those of you who have read my book, they will already know these facts and how to become a Master Grower. The bottom line is to be careful out there and do not think that you have all of the rights that you think you do. They can take away your crop, at any time, and then return it later with a "sorry we were wrong, your license is valid" but your plants will be dead and they will not compensate you. THEY WORK FOR THE DEVIL, NOT YOU. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but this is the reality of our corrupt and rigged system. Forewarned is forearmed. Now you know the truth. I never recommend using feminized seeds but here is the information for those that wish to go that route. This is taken directly from my book, Secrets of the Pink Kush.

pH Balancing Your Plants: It is imperative to keep the pH level of your soil and nutrients at the correct levels during their life cycles. Here in this article we will go over the concepts, definitions, measurements and the appropriate levels of pH during their lifecycle. From Wikipedia: “In chemistry, pH (/piːˈ(h)eɪtʃ/) (potential of hydrogen) is a numeric scale used to specify the acidity or basicity of an aqueous solution. It is approximately the negative of the base 10 logarithm of the molar concentration, measured in units of moles per liter, of hydrogen ions. More precisely it is the negative of the logarithm to base 10 of the activity of the hydrogen ion.[1] Solutions with a pH less than 7 are acidic and solutions with a pH greater than 7 are basic. Pure water is neutral, at pH 7 (25°C), being neither an acid nor a base. Contrary to popular belief, the pH value can be less than 0 or greater than 14 for very strong acids and bases respectively.[“ You can measure pH in several ways. The old method, by us old timers, was to use litmus paper in which the colour was matched to a chart and that colour indicated the pH level. Another method is to use pH meter which is calibrated and then used to determine the pH with a digital reading. Most growers use this method and there is a pen like device for reading the pH rather than the more cumbersome tri-meters. Another method is to use an electrical conductivity test or EC meter. This measures the electrical conductivity of your soil and thus can give you more insight into the actual pH levels of your plant. This addresses the issue of salt buildup in your soil due to feeding of nutrients and lack of flushing. I highly recommend that you also use EC meter to test the salt buildup and to subsequently flush your soil to remove the excess salts. A weekly flush will prevent this potentially toxic buildup. Many growers have been confused from this lack of knowledge by having a good pH in their nutrient solution but they failed to measure the pH of their soil. Thus pH issues were causing the plants to suffer and they were unable to determine the cause of the problems. Flushing should prevent this issue. pH During Vegetation: Start your small plants out at pH 6.5 during the vegetative cycle and slowly drop the pH level to 6.1 but only during the vegetative cycle and over a course of two months. If you are growing in a shorter time frame then you will probably not achieve the 6.1 pH level as it may be too acidic for your smaller plants so be prepared to adjust for plant size. pH During Flowering: Start your flowering period with a pH of 6.1 during the start of the flowering cycle even during the initial two week flipping period when you reduce the light cycle from 18/6 on/off to 12/12 on/off. Slowly drop the pH down to 5.5 during the last week of flowering. This more acidic environment helps the plant to dissolve and consume the nutrients stored in the leaves. The uptake of nutrients will not occur correctly if the pH is too high and the plant will become diseased if the pH is too acidic. Summary: The bottom line is pH from 6.5 slowly down to 6.1 during the vegetative cycle and then slowly from 6.1 to 5.5 during the flowering cycle. Flush weekly during the vegetative cycle to remove excess salts and flush for the last two weeks of flowering to remove adulterants in the buds. Failure to flush during the last two weeks will result in the bud burning a dark colour and having a bad chemical taste. People may mistake this for chemical spray. - Billy Budd AKA William Harold Bradshaw, Dipl. T., CPIM

  ADAPTATION IS PART OF EVOLUTION: For those of you that have already read my book, Secrets of the Pink Kush, you are well aware of cellular adaptation and how this relates to plants as well as other living organisms. Cells adapt as do the entire organism. Their ability to adapt is key to survival and is present in all organisms including plants, fish, animals and humans. What is important to realize is that the plants will adapt and evolve in order to deal with various climates. It can take years and years for organism to properly adapt to their environment. For example; sativas have adapted to thrive in a high humidity environment with a shorter equitorial light cycle. This shows itself in the plant structure in that the node spacing is more elongated and the buds are not as tight. This is the response of the plant to the higher humidity conditions. Indicas, on the contrary have tight buds because their climate is much drier. If you put an indica into a high humidity environment then botrytis (bud rot) can easily occur. Sativas have responded to this high humidity condition by increasing the node length (stretch and overall size) and by keeping the buds looser allowing air to circulate and thus prevent botrytis from occurring. Now you know the science behind the loose buds on sativas versus the tight buds of indicas. This should help you in understanding how to get tighter buds (using a more pure indica) as well has how to prevent botrytis especially if growing outdoors in a wet climate like the Wet Coast here in B.C. (that is not a spelling error). The bottom line is to not attempt to put your cannabis plants into a environment for which they have not adapted. Genetically modifying plants, or any other organism for that matter, goes against nature (the very definition of molest) as that organism has never had the time to adapt and evolve with the given genetics. This is the main reason why genetically modified organisms are not in the best interest of the plant itself (or the given organism) or even the world for that matter. I hope this article provide some insight for you as well as and the science behind nature with its marvelous methods of adaptation for survival and how that relates to growing. Thanks for reading. - Billy Budd

Outdoor Growing Requires Stealth: Please be careful if you are growing outdoors. The biggest pests are usually teenagers and cops. Please note that I am not an outdoor grower and do not care for outdoor cannabis as I live in Canada where the lumens are not high enough to produce quality product. I have learned a few tricks from others and would appreciate help from any others in our group that can help in this matter. Here are some stealth tactics: Tie down your plants to the ground for reduced visibility. Rather than allowing them to grow straight up. Put red plastic balls on the plants to make it look like poison berries. Cut the leaf tips square so the plant does not look like cannabis as much. Use small patches instead of larger fields. Do not be organized as in a grid so that it looks a manicured field. Make it look natural which means random arrangement. Plant where nobody goes but that can be very difficult these days. Plant where nobody expects, like in swamps where you can get a constant water supply. Keep your fertilizer sticks hidden from view, cover them with dirt. Keep everything natural looking and do not be so invasive that it is noticeable. No telltales signs at all. Avoid creating highly trafficked pathways, perlite, grower debris like nutrient containers, feeding tubes, fert sticks, etc. are all tells that someone is growing in the area. Be smart and cover everything using nature preferably. This is also applicable to many indoor growers as I have seen dirt from growing buckets with roots dumped or perlite outside of garages and shops. These people are not fooling anybody and by the way, I can also smell soilless mixes like HP Promix. This is inviting cops or grow rippers into your home or backyard. They still can spot your plant visually or by the light signature that the plant emits as well as by gas chromatography. They probably have other detection methods as well of which I am unaware. Be careful out there and please add your comments to help our outdoor growers. Common sense is your best tool. Thanks. - Billy Budd

Polyploidism - Hexaploids: The picture on the top is a giant California Redwood AKA Sequoia, the picture on the bottom left is an extremely rare and potent cannabis plant developed by the Billy Budd research team and the picture on the bottom right is bread wheat (triticum aestivum). What they have in common is that they are all hexaploids. This means that they have six sets of chromosomes. Some attributes of these plants include extremely slow growth compared to the diploid versions, extra branching, longer life cycle, denser plant material (Sequoia's are actually fire resistant), eventual growing into giants and several other anomalies documented in Secrets of the Pink Kush which covers polyploidism extensively including information about the tetraploid humans (giants). Hexaploid cannabis should contain THC levels or CBD levels 3 times as high as normal diploid cannabis (e.g. 60% THC). The problem is the slow growth rates mean that it is not commercially viable unless one were to charge extremely high prices for the product. Crossing these hexaploid plants with a diploid plant will create a fertile tetraploid while crossing tetraploids with diploids will produce sterile triploids. See my polyploid formula in Secrets of the Pink Kush for the mathematics behind the biology.

Plant Taxonomy Naming Conventions: Naming conventions in biology are all based upon Latin (Roman/Sephardic Jewish language). INDICA: In plant taxonomy the word INDICA means "of India" in Latin and can refer to several species, not just cannabis. If a species originates in India, its scientific name will sometimes include the word "Indica". For example azadirachta indica is the neem tree while cannabis indica is medical marijuana or kush although kush may refer to the Hindu Kush plant or having some of its genetics for that particular flavinoid. SATIVA: Sativa, Sativus, and Sativum are Latin botanical adjectives which mean cultivated. Normally used to designate certain seed grown domestic crops. For example lactuca sativa is lettuce while cannabis sativa is marijuana (our favourite plant). I did this write up because many people, not familiar with science and/or botany, were being confused when seeing these terms being used with other plants. Hope this helps...

Big Buds: Larger flower tops (buds) have, in general, more medicinal value. Smaller buds usually contain much less THC/CBD and of the other desirable cannabinoids including taste. This is a generalization and thus is not always true but for the most part is accurate, especially when concerned with the same plant. You can get larger buds from your plants through several avenues. One is these is to use bud enhancement products like Advanced Nutrients Big Bud. I not against using this product entirely but I will say that I have used it and the end result is more plant material, not medicine. Another method is by strain choice. Some types of cannabis are known to produce very large buds, some very dense and some with both attributes. There was a plant known as Hash Plant and you would get extremely large buds and one could easily attain 2 pounds per 1000 Watt light. This plant made a lot of money for a certain OMG and others way back when the prices were very high. The only problem with this plant was that it was extremely weak. You just cannot get something for nothing and this is referred to in physics as the third law of thermodynamics. In other words, you can either get large yield or high quality yield but not both. You can of course get a combination of these two key factors by reducing one and increasing the other to the desired proportion. The final method, which I will discuss here, is to prune your buds into bigger buds. This is the preferred method because it is natural, will achieve your desired compromise and not increase plant material without increasing medicinal/cannabinoid content. If you hate trimming, like I most certainly do, then this is the answer to your nightmare. You will prune away the bottom branches and especially the smaller branches emitting from the bigger branches. This will cause the plant to divert the growing energy into fewer branches and fewer flowering sites thus creating bigger buds that also have a high medicincal/cannabinoid content. You should, theoretically, end up with the same yield and medicincal/cannabinoid content as you would if you had not pruned. The difference will be that you will not have a lot of small “popcorn” buds but instead those have now been incorporated into the large buds. This will significantly reduce the amount of small buds and hence, reduce your trimming effort. These smaller “popcorn” buds are usually not as dense and weaker due to the diffusion of quality into quantity. Be careful when pruning a plant and ensure that you use clean utensils, very sharp X-acto knive, isopropyl alcohol and clean wipes. Always dip into the alcohol after cutting any branches, not you, the knife. Hope that helps. - Billy Budd author of Secrets of the Pink Kush 3 Comments

Believe it or Not: Here is a little secret for you only in this group. I divulge this secret and many other secrets at my own peril. The reason I am telling you this is because, as a grower, you need to avoid these people. It is of vital importance to your well being. These people being the Hell's Angels or any of their puppet clubs. They secretly work for the government and will get you busted or ripped off or even worse. Avoid them and any of their associates. Sonny Barger and the Hell's Angels are a Jewish group who actually work for the New World Order. Sonny Barger is Freemason and Freemasons run the Hellenistic Western world. One flaw in their system is the underworld where the government has no control. This group and the Mafia are their answer to this flaw in their bureaucracy. In Italy it is the Mafia and in Japan it is the Yakuza who perform this function and thus are permitted to operate without interference from the police. Did you not ever wonder why and how the Hell's Angels have been allowed to operate without being shut down? The RCMP reports and news reports are all dog and pony shows intended to deceive us. They walk the left hand path and thus cannot be trusted. Remember that the New World Order does not want us to have cannabis because their god (actually a goddess with the title Lucifer) will not allow us access to the Tree of Life. Cannabis is required by the human body for a long and healthy life. That is proven by the endocannabinoid receptors in our bodies. See the Book of Enoch for proof. They want us to visit their doctors and buy their pills in order to maintain our health. This approach allows them to better implement their slavery based system of civilization. Many of the Hell's Angels members or associates are totally unaware of this but I know many things both from personal experience or from research. They are, along with many others, listed in my book Secrets of the Pink Kush. My brother was one of these guys and I actually worked for them for a short time as well. I was very naive at the time. I have also worked, unknowingly, for other organizations that are part of the New World Order. They are violent, deceitful, corrupt and will rat you out or tax you. NEVER LET THEM KNOW ANYTHING and AVOID THEM AT ALL COSTS. Some of you will not believe me but if you deviate from my advice then you may discover that what I stated here is in fact the TRUTH.

Secrets of the Pink Kush: Increasing THC and/or CBD Levels in Cannabis by Billy Budd (William H. Bradshaw, Dipl. T, CPIM) If you wish to become a Master Grower and/or breeder of cannabis then read my book Secrets of the Pink Kush by William H. Bradshaw which is available on Amazon as a three volume set. It also contains many other secrets and discoveries that cannot found anywhere else in the world. The book employs the scientific method throughout and as such the information can be verified and the results replicated. This video describes the general processes for increasing the THC/CBD levels in cannabis in order to produce a higher quality product/medicine for medical patients. Introduction There are several ways to increase the THC and/or CBD levels in cannabis. This can be done through environmental factors like soil, growing method, nutrients, lighting and CO2, avoiding lopping or FIM (Fuck I Missed or U shaped lopping) as pruning techniques for yield and also by genetic manipulation of the chromosomes (increasing the ploidy level). This transcript/video is a summary from my book Secrets of the Pink Kush so I recommend you read the book for complete details as well as watch my other videos especially How to Grow Medical Marijuana and the other videos regarding polyploidism. CBD versus THC Cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are the two main ingredients in cannabis that most seek. There are many other compounds (at least 85 identified) in cannabis but for brevity we will stick with the two main compounds. The genetics of your strain will dictate the amount of THC and/or CBD. THC is produced by sativa strains while CBD is produced by indica strains. Hybrids (sativa mated with indica) produces both compounds. Pure indicas may have some THC but the CBD is antagonist to THC so it effects are minimized or not even realized. The opposite is true for sativas, that is to say that there is some CBD in sativas but the THC overwhelms the effects. Both compounds have medicinal value, CBD as an analgesic and THC as antidepressant. High THC strains contain levels over 20% while high CBD strains contain levels over 4%. Nutrients The use of the proper macro (NPK) and micro nutrients (zinc, boron, manganese, calcium, B vitamins, copper, etc.) will enable the plant to grow and thrive thus enabling the maximum production of THC and/or CBD for that particular strain. Follow the correct levels in parts per million and increase accordingly as the plant grows. Ensure that your nutrients contain a broad spectrum of macro and micro nutrients in their appropriate ratios. The vegetative stage will require higher levels of nitrogen while the flowering stage requires higher levels of potassium and phosphorous. Micro nutrients are required throughout both cycles. CO2 The increase in CO2 will have a positive impact on plant health and growth rate. The CO2 will help in the overall production of both THC and CBD levels. Topping Topping the plant will increase the yield but it will also reduce the quality and thus the THC and/or CBD levels will be reduced on those branches. This is due to the fact that you cannot get something from nothing. It is an immutable law of physics. You will sacrifice quantity for quality. Lighting Using the correct lighting and the correct distance (Metal Halide for vegetation and High Pressure Sodium for flowering) will help in the growth rates. If the lights are too far away the growth rate will slow and the node intervals will increase. Adding metal halide lights to your high pressure sodium during the flowering cycle will increase the THC levels as the plant produces more THC to protect itself from the UV light. Another alternative is to add a UV emitting light. This approach may be more economical. The THC and CBD levels will be lower if the lights are too far away and your plant will burn if they are too close. Dial it in for maximum THC/CBD production. pH Balance Keep the pH in correct range for the correct time frame. This will allow for optimum THC/CBD production. Nutrient Lockout Ensure that you do not over feed your particular strain. If you overfeed your plant then it will not uptake any more nutrients and this will reduce both yield and quality. Growing Medium The growing medium will have an impact on the THC/CBD levels. The more organic the soil is, the better the THC/CBD production results will be. Soil density will also improve the THC and CBD quality with less dense soil reducing the quality. Organic soil, soilless, hydroponic/aeorponic are the best mediums for quality and in that order with hydro/aero systems being the lowest quality for THC/CBD production. Growing Method The method of growing will have a direct impact on THC/CBD production. The larger the plant is, the better the THC/CBD production. Trees, shrubs and then small plants as in Sea of Green (SOG) or Screen of Green (SCROG) are the best methods for quality and in that order with Sea of Green growing systems being the lowest quality for THC/CBD production. Genetics The genetics of your cannabis strain will dictate much of the growth as it genetically programmed to produce certain levels of THC and CBD. Some like Ruderalis do not produce any real valuable amounts of either THC or CBD so avoid these strains. The autoflowering strains are Ruderalis based. Higher ploidy levels will have a much lower yield but will have significantly higher levels of THC and CBD. Diploids will grow faster than triploids and triploids will grow faster than tetraploids. Our hexaploids had an extremely slow growth rate and this makes them not commercially viable unless you were to receive much more compensation for the much higher quality product. F1 Hybrids An F1 hybrid is a plant that is created by crossing two divergent strains. This will increase the THC/CBD levels as well. The increase is significant but not nearly as significant as increasing the ploidy level. Ploidy Level Increasing the ploidy level is the single most important method for increasing THC and CBD levels. This can, effectively double, triple or even quadruple the THC and CBD level of any existing cannabis strain. The ploidy level is the number of chromosomes contained in a living organism. This concept works for any living organism but we are only concerned with THC and CBD in this transcript. For example, if you have a sativa that is producing 20% THC level and you double the chromosomes then you can expect to achieve nearly 40% THC level as a tetraploid or even close to 60% with a hexaploid. Read Secrets of the Pink Kush for all of the details on how to increase the ploidy level. The mathematical formula for the correct ploidy level is included as well as a few different chemical pathways to induce polyploidism. All of the complete details and procedures are contained within the book. It is the most advanced cannabis growing and breeding book available anywhere. Summary Soil composition, appropriate CO2 levels, nutrients, topping, lighting, pH Balance, nutrient lockout, growing medium, growing method and genetics are all important factors that will either impede or increase the THC/CBD levels in your plants. Every strain has its own formulation based upon the amount of indica or sativa within its genetics. You must know your strains and dial it in properly when growing. Increasing the ploidy level is the single most effective method for increasing the THC and CBD levels. Secrets of the Pink Kush If you wish to become a Master Grower then read Secrets of the Pink Kush for advanced knowledge on growing and breeding cannabis that is also applicable to other organisms, not just plants. It includes the exact procedures for creating super strains such as F1 hybrids like my Diablos Kush and polyploids like my Nephilim or others like the real and original Pink Kush, OG Kush, Girl Scout Cookie, Rock Star, pre-98 Bubba and other real polyploids. It also provides detailed instructions on how to grow high quality medical grade marijuana using best practices and has solutions to the many problems encountered during the cultivation of cannabis or other plants. The book not only contains advanced information about breeding and growing cannabis but also information on many other topics about nature, humans, history and civilization that cannot be found in any other books anywhere in the world. Thank you for your interest in this topic. Credits Secrets of the Pink Kush William H. Bradshaw Billy Budd Clones

Pruning Errors: Pruning is for the overall health of your plants. Remember that your leaves are like photo voltaic cells and a food source. They convert the energy of the Sun or your MH/HPS/LED bulbs into energy. If you remove all of the fan leaves then you crippling your plant and denying it food and energy from photosynthesis. Do not prune excessively as it will hurt your plant. You should always prune the bottom 1/3 of your plant (helps avoid spider mites cycling and helps air/CO2 flow) and some branches as well as fan leaves but never do more than 1/3 of the entire plant. You do not remove all of the leaves so that the buds can receive light. This is misinformation and I have seen and worked with many growers who make this mistake. Your yield and quality will be better if you learn how to prune effectively.

H2O2 Hydrogen Peroxide: Today we will talk about ROCKET FUEL and its use in gardening. What is rocket fuel? It is hydrogen peroxide or H2O2 and is actually used as rocket fuel for the space program. It can also be used as a cleaner instead of chlorine based products like bleach. It is more expensive but is more passive than chlorine. Farmers use it all of the time because their cows, and other animals, would become sick and have lung infections and/or other health issues if they used chlorine. Hydrogen peroxide can also be used to save a plant from drowning. If you over water a plant if will begin to wilt and then drown from lack of oxygen to the roots. You must ensure that the water/nutrients can run off by having holes in the growing container. If you still manage to over water your plants then you can add some hydrogen peroxide to the water. This will infuse oxygen into the water as the extra oxygen atom will easily release from the H2O2 yielding H2O (water) plus the extra O atom which can then be used by the roots to absorb oxygen. I have successfully used hydrogen peroxide for both end uses, cleaning and saving plants. I tested it on tomato plants within a closed container. These are results from own research. P.S. The test plant (H2O2 applied) lived while the control plant died (no H2O2 application). Be careful with your concentrations as this is real holy water and can burn you... This information is in my book - Billy Budd

Stress and Sex Change: Harsh Environmental Factors: In general, males are stronger than females for most living organisms. This fact can result in some living organisms to actually switch sexes during harsh environmental conditions in order to increase their ability to survive. This will to live can actually overcome their existing gender assignment. This anomaly happens to most, if not all living organisms and cannabis is no different. If conditions are harsh, in the environment, then the propensity for a plant to become male will be much higher. If conditions are ideal then the opposite is true and more plants will have the propensity to become female. This appears to be true for all living organisms, including humans such that more girls will be born in good environmental conditions. Hermaphrodites: This sex change can also occur after meiosis. Please note that meiosis is cell division during fertilization when sex is determined, and I cover this extensively in my book Secrets of the Pink Kush as it relates to polyploidism. If a plant attempts to change sex after the seedling stage then it is known as “going hermie” which is short for becoming a hermaphrodite which means it has the characteristics of both sexes; pistils and pollen sacs. Any kind of shock can induce hermaphrodites in plants but this phenomenon occurs much more readily in feminized seeds. This is one of several reasons why feminized seeds are not ideal for a consistent and hardy crop. Using feminized seeds makes one much more vulnerable to having a crop become hermaphroditic and accidentally pollinating the females. Personal Experience: Several years ago, I was growing in one room and my partner’s younger brother was growing in another room adjacent. He pulled some wires on his side and this caused one of our metal halide lights to fall and break. The noise was very loud and shocking to the plant. The plant, which was directly beside this noise, actually became a hermaphrodite and began to produce male pollen sacs (referred to as “bananas”). This of course can cause the plants to become pollinated and degrade the value of the crop as a seeded crop is not nearly as valuable due to the lower potency and presence of seeds. The seeds from this crop will be feminized and thus, not as good as regular seeds. Feminized seeds are not genetically correct so I consider them inferior to females from regular seeds. Stress Factors: Other factors that can cause stress, resulting in hermaphrodites, can be low or high light conditions, poor pH balance in the soil, noises, lack of macro nutrients, lack of micro nutrients, electromagnetic interference, poor humidity, poor CO2 levels, erratic hours of lighting, vibrations from traffic or people working and anything in the environment which could be construed as negative. Strange But True: Did you know that Clownfish are always born as males and become female later? The female Clownfish issues stress to the males in order to keep them male. When the female dies then the largest male Clownfish will have reduced stress levels and increased cortisol levels. This results in the Clownfish become female and becoming the new queen whereupon she begins to stress out the other Clownfish to keep them as males. Now you know why the wife/girlfriend keeps you stressed out all of the time, it is inherent, LOL. Plants and Humans: I have covered different living organisms here because it is important to note the similarities and differences between various living organisms including humans. This is important because when I reverse engineered the Pink Kush plant, I discovered that polyploidism is also applicable to humans and this led to my amazing discovery about God, Satan and Lucifer and the Greek/Roman gods in that they did exist and their descendants, the tetraploid humans, still exist but always try to remain in hiding as they fear us overwhelming them. This is also covered in my book, Secrets of the Pink Kush and is one the greatest secrets ever revealed in the history of mankind. P.S. I have received several death threats for the information in my book as our government is contact with these tetraploid humans as they rule over us in a malevolent fashion. They are the ones that deny us cannabis and their chosen ones (administrators) refuse to legalize it for this very reason. - Billy Budd AKA William Harold Bradshaw, Author of Secrets of the Pink Kush and proprietor of Billy Budd Premium Seeds and Clones.

Some Terminology Employed in the Cannabis Industry: Here are some terms with their meanings that you may hear in the cannabis industry. Much of this information is from my own experience, research and some is from standard science terminology. Breeding Terms: Strains – a subtype of cannabis. E.g. sativa (general, high THC, low CBD), indica (Indian, high CBD), African sativas (contains THCV), ruderalis (little THC or CBD), afghanica (low THC, low CBD), lowland thai/haze (High THC and no CBD). I personally broke these groups up as I believe these are the divergent strains. This is not what the science community states so I am going out on a limb here. Pun intended. Autoflower strains – cannabis plants that will flip without changing the light cycle. They are genetically programmed to do so. This is a phenotype peculiar only to ruderalis so any autoflower plant will be ruderalis dominant. This means that the THC and CBD contents will be very low. Please DO NOT USE ruderalis strains when breeding. Autoflower is essentially false cannabis because it is of little or no medical value. The governments, and their helpers. will be attempting to introduce ruderalis into all of the strains in an effort to reduce the medicinal value of cannabis. X – this is the sign of the parental crossing in breeding male x female. E.g. Green Crack x God Bud which means the father was Green Crack and the mother was God Bud. Divergent – off a completely different type. E.g. sativa versus indica. Ploidy level – the number of chromosomes in a living organism. Diploid – two sets of chromosomes. Secrets of the Pink Kush explains these concepts in great detail and shows how this also works with other animals as well as humans. This is FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE so beware... Triploid – three sets of chromosomes. Sterile. True sinsimilla. Tetraploid – four sets of chromosomes. Fertile. Pentaploid – five sets of chromosomes. Sterile. Hexaploid – six sets of chromosomes. Fertile. Septaploid – seven sets of chromosomes. Sterile. Octoploid – eight sets of chromosomes. Fertile. Polyploid Formula – mathematical formula for computing the ploidy level of a living organism. This formula provide the pathways for a given ploidy level. Developed by William H. Bradshaw and fully documented and explained in Secrets of the Pink Kush. The chemical procedures (a few different methods) are also provided in the book. F1 – Filial generation one. This is the first generation from a true hybrid which can only be achieved by crossing two divergent strains. E.g. pure indica x pure sativa. These plants always exhibit heterosis also known as hybrid vigour. The seeds will always produce a stable line. The plants will all look very similar. F2, F3, F4, etc. – Filial generation 2, 3, 4, etc. This is from the subsequent crossing of existing hybrids. These further generations are weaker and do not exhibit heterosis. Sinsimilla – This term is usually used to describe only cannabis but this is not true. Female plants that remain unpollenated are called sinsimilla (in the cannabis industry) but they are not true sinsimilla. True sinsimilla is an organism with an odd number of chromosomes making it sterile.Triploids, pentaploids and septaploids are sterile because they have an odd number of chromosomes. This causes a genetic mismatch and thus the are sterile or seedless. Seedless watermelons and terminator seeds are achieved by creating the plant at these ploidy levels. Strange but true; this is also true for humans. Sterile triploid humans are referred to as Nephilim in the Bible (see the reference about the Nephilim not being fruitful unto God, same goes for Incubus/Succubus from the Witches Hammer) while fertile tetraploid humans are referred to as Rephaim class giants in the Bible. See Genesis 6:4 for evidence that God was merely a tetraploid human and not a real god. Secrets of the Pink Kush explains these strange facts in full with a complete audit and the science backing up my statements called the Pink Kush Theory. The book provides everything one needs to know about growing and breeding superior cannabis.

Growing Terms: Agar – growing medium of kelp used in tissue culture. Tissue Culture – creating cultures of cannabis from plant tissue. Provides a method of rejuvenating a cannabis strain and producing many clones from a single tissue culture. Requires an extremely clean environment. Flip – change the lighting period from vegetative (18 hours of light and 6 hours of dark) to flowering (12 hours of light and 12 hours of dark). FIM – Fuck I Missed. This is the U shaped cut employed to obtain multiple tops instead of a single main top. This increases yield but reduces the quality of the tops that were FIMmed. This was probably an accidental discovery, as many scientific discoveries are, and thus the name “Fuck I Missed”. Flush - to use only water in order to remove salts and/or nutrients from the soil due to overfeeding or to use water only for a plant during final flowering period in order to remove contaminants from the bud. Hermie – when a plant, either male or female, shows signs of having both sexes and thus becomes a hermaphrodite or has "hermied". Bananas - male pollen sacs. Usually called bananas when they appear on female plants after the plant has hermied. Lollipop – cutting the apical meristem (main branch) with a straight cut for two main stems or a U shaped cut for multiple tops and thus increased yield. Bumblebees – the beginning formation of pistils after flipping the crop. Crop Out – cutting down the crop to ready for consumption. Snap ready – a method of testing for the correct dryness of drying buds. Hold the stem between the thumb and fingers. It should snap, not bend, if it is ready. Trim – the process of trimming the petiole leaves from the buds. This is done to remove the leafy plant material which has a harsh taste and little to no medicinal content. This is not as true for polyploids as they do have much medicinal content than diploids. You still must follow the same trimming rules in order to produce a quad. Stoner Terms: Stellar Effect – the pulsating translucent stars that can be observed after smoking cannabis with THC derived from a sativa or sativa/indica hybrid. This is the acid test for telling if a plant has effective THC content. Stoned – heavily sedated from the analgesic effects of the CBD in an indica. High – euphoria or anti-depressant effect of the THC in a sativa. Paranoid – same term, same meaning. It comes from the use of a heavy THC sativa strain that does not contain enough CBD to counter act the paranoia effects of THC. THC seems to activate the COMT gene especially for those with a MET/MET genotype. See my video or article on Paranoia and Cannabis for a complete explanation. It is also contained in my, Secrets of the Pink Kush. Couchlock – being stuck on the couch due to the effects of an indica based strain. This comes from the effects of CBD. Shwag or dirt weed – low grade cannabis. Dirt weed was originally cannabis that was cured in the ground. This method of curing is not recommended and I recommend the Billy Budd “sweat and dry” method. Ditch weed – low grade cannabis ruderalis. Called ditch weed because it used to grow as weeds in the ditches of Russia and other places. Rating System Terms: Broker - one who buys and sells cannabis. Singles - A rated cannabis. Low quality. Dubs – AA rated cannabis. Midrange quality. Trips – AAA rated cannabis, 20-25% THC or 4-6% CBD. High quality and the highest possible that can be achieved with a diploid plant. It is easier to produce a AAA from a tetraploid. Quads – AAAA rated cannabis. This can only achieved by cultivating a tetraploid or higher level of polyploidism and it must be well enough to achieve this rating. Noted by a very dank smell. Anything over 25% THC or over 6% CBD. Dank – extremely high quality cannabis noted by the deep rich smell hence the term dank. This is the characteristic of a tetraploid or higher. Nose – the smell of the cannabis. The better the smell, the better the quality and most brokers and testers place great emphasis on the nose of the finished product. NOTE: I will be adding to this list as I think of more terms in the future, or if anybody wishes to contribute to this list. Please make sure it is de facto term. Not just something that you use unless you are very confident of its merit. Hope that helps. - Billy Budd AKA William Harold Bradshaw, author of Secrets of the Pink Kush You can order this three volume set from Amazon. It is only one book but it took three volumes to complete it. You need to read all three volumes.

ARE WE THERE YET? You are not a Master Grower until you can produce quads. Quads can only be produced using cannabis plants that have doubled chromosomes (tetraploid cannabis) at least or a higher ploidy level which is not likely due to very slow growth rates. My book, Secrets of the Pink Kush, completely explains how to easily double the chromosomes using a few different methods. I also include my polyploid formula which provides the mathematics to achieve a certain ploidy level. This is actually forbidden knowledge and for a very good reason as you will discover when you read my book. Canadian Supplier for Nematodes. NATURALINSECTCONTROL.COM

CANNABIS OIL - SAFETY FIRST: If any members of this group or friends are making cannabis oil then please do so in a well ventilated area and away from other people. There have been far too many explosions from butane or fires from isopropyl alcohol. CO2 is a far cleaner and safer extraction technique. BE SAFE OUT THERE.

The Mind of Plants: Remember that the shill scientists claimed to have debunked plant sentience. Here is another good article on the validity of plant sentience proving that many debunkers are either small minded people or working to deceive of us for some nefarious reason (see chapter 10 of Secrets of the Pink Kush). Please note that I start my book (Secrets of the Pink Kush) out with the Pink Kush plant talking to me, offering to reveal many secrets and forbidden knowledge in return for my helping her with more food and water because she was a polyploid and needed more in order to survive. That part is in quotes for good reason. I later clearly state that plants do not talk and it was merely for effect and "book ends" as noted in the final chapter 11 in volume III. I just wanted to be very clear on that point as I had someone ask me if the plant actually talked to me. I then knew he had not read the book.

Why I Hate Autoflower Cannabis: Autoflower cannabis plants are cannabis plants that automatically flip from the vegetative state to the flowering state without changing the light cycle from 18/6 to 12/12 (light/dark respectively). These cannabis plants flip (convert to flowering) based upon the number of days and this is programmed into the plant genetically. What is the problem with this specific genetic trait? The problem is that this trait comes only from cannabis ruderalis. Indica and sativa do not contain this specific genetic trait unless they are hybrids containing ruderalis. Ruderalis contains very little THC or CBD which means it has no real medicinal value either as an antidepressant like sativas or analgesic like indicas. This leaves open a path for our evil Canadian government and their minions, the Licensed Producers, to reduce the medicinal value of cannabis by selection. If they continue to breed ruderalis into existing strains and block the import of medicinal cannabis, then we will end up with a useless cannabis plant that the Liberals will then legalize a useless plant. I did work as a research scientist for a Licensed Producer for a short period of time and have some inside information. This LP never received its license although we did grow and produce several tetraploids and other new strains. It was a very nice and expensive facility and a $12 million waste. I was told by the CEO that they were going to genetically modify cannabis. This is another path to reduce the medicinal value of cannabis. This is something that I did not and still do not agree with and I then had second thoughts about working at this facility. I was still working on my book during the editing process so I did not spend much time at the facility. They were mostly using my previous research, articles, theories and procedures for polyploidism in cannabis. This became a moot point because they were eventually forced to close down. Something else of interest here is that this LP only wanted to hire women, something that is extremely hard to do in this particular business due to (a) mostly men work in this business as growers and (b) the unwillingness or inability of most women to gain a science education, which is crucial to being successful. These are important points to note and I will leave this as somewhat of a mystery (actually part of the Eleusinian Mysteries) to some because this would spoil the surprise that is found in chapter 10 of Secrets of the Pink Kush where I fully explain the end game of the Cult of Demeter. The bottom line here is to avoid any and all autoflowering strains especially for breeding purposes. I will do everything in my power to counteract this nefarious plan. - Billy Budd

Billy Budd Master Growers Quiz #1 - Use access code: 26HJT DO NOT BE UPSET if you do not do well initially even if you are experienced. If you read my posts in this group, watch my videos and read Secrets of the Pink Kush then you will pass with flying colours. CLASSROOMCLIPBOARD.COM

SECRETS OF THE PINK KUSH: Here is a peer review from "My name is Jeremy and I am an accredited biologist after much review and reading of all three volumes I cannot believe what I have read in the sense that it is everything they try not to teach us in school, this man is the leading knowledge on the subject the curriculum in which is taught to us in University is designed in a way to obscure exactly what this man has tried to tell everyone this is by far the most informative book there ever was and probably the most hidden of all secrets I want to commend William for his work as I have reviewed all aspects of the philosophy and science behind it and there are no errors whatsoever because of the processes which are described I have been able to successfully modify numerous plant species in genetics on numerous occasions I just want to thank you for the work that you've done as it has made my papers and Publications that much more informative to the students that i have and I can tell everyone from my positive successful experiences that everything that is enclosed in this 3 volume book is completely truthful and not only truthful but I have personally tried many of the techniques that has been described, I cannot believe how well it is put together and how informative it actually is. I just wish I had the chance to meet the author in person just because of such information is so hard to find even when writing papers on the subject my professor has commended this author as well. They are trying to use this book as reference in my University for such lab tests as GMO and terpene sequencing curriculums. Great job ! I will be recommending this book to my students and to anyone and everyone who will indulge the subject and furthermore it is great reading for the recreational reader!"

I always recommend using LED lighting as a SUPPLEMENT only. They are to be used with existing metal halide and high pressure sodium Here is a brief summary of LED lighting for 2017. I still do not think there is an economic payback for using LEDs at this time, maybe in the future as the costs come down.

Can Plants Perceive? From my observations I would say that plants can perceive and, while having no brain, seem to have a mind. I mention this briefly in my book, Secrets of the Pink Kush. There are other theories about plants having other senses like feelings, which I have observed as well although many dispute this and the other theories like sentience. Here is a brief overview of plant perception. EN.WIKIPEDIA.ORG

FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE - POLYPLOIDISM is the best way to vastly increase potency: Increasing Cannabis THC and CBD Levels Secrets of the Pink Kush: How to Increase Cannabis THC/CBD Levels by Billy Budd Become a Master Grower: If you want to… YOUTUBE.COM

Avoid Feminized Seeds: Regardless of the underlying genetics, the use of feminized seeds should be highly discouraged. The problem with feminized seeds is that they are selfed or reversed. This process goes against nature and produces an unstable plant. The resulting plants will, due to their genetic instability, have a tendency to "hermie", become hermaphrodite with shock or stress. This means that plant will develop male pollen sacs if the plant becomes over stressed. A normal healthy female plant can handle much higher levels of stress and thus is not susceptible to this undesirable "hermie" condition. The problem with the plant going "hermie" is that the male pollen can now affect your entire crop turning it into a seeded crop which is of much lower medicinal value and hence commercial value. Always buy regular seeds and sex them or buy clones which are already sexed. Knowing your genetics and breeding makes you a better grower. - Billy Budd Having said that, here is a video that I did on how to make feminized seeds but also more naturally to prevent the hermie condition.

How to Make Feminized Seeds Secrets of the Pink Kush: How to Make Feminized Seeds - Medical Marijuana by Billy Budd (William H. Bradshaw)… YOUTUBE.COM TREE OF LIFE IS NOT ALLOWED BY LUCIFERIANS: Failure to understand the agenda of the New World Order (Venetians/Luciferians) is failure to understand why cannabis will never be legalized at the federal level. Our governments are corrupt and are part of the Persian Empire which is led by the Jews. Their goddess, Lucifer (always a female tetraploid human. e.g. Demeter, Tiamat, Inanna, Helen, Columbia et al), will not allow us access to cannabis because it is the Tree of Life and humans need cannabis to live healthy, long lives. They want us to go through their doctors for pills rather than using natural medicines. They want you to die well before your time as you are not a useful slave in your old age. We have endocannabinoid receptors in our bodies which proves that we have a symbiotic relationship with cannabis and thus need cannabis to lead long and healthy lives. Enoch was told this fact about 7,600 years ago and his account can be found in the Book of Enoch (mostly excluded from the Bible, probably because it gave away clues as to God being a tetraploid human and not a real God). Two giants showed up at his door one night (Michael and Ariel/Satan) and took him on a tour of where the tetraploid humans resided. These high ranking tetraploid humans (called archangels) did this because Enoch was the seventh generation from Adam. The tetraploid humans always reinforced their message to each successive seventh generation. Here is my video about this STRANGE BUT TRUE FACT: The Tree of Life - Cannabis Secrets of the Pink Kush: The Tree of Life - Cannabis by Billy Budd (William H. Bradshaw) Become a Master Grower: If you… YOUTUBE.COM