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BillyBudd Premium Marijuana Seeds and Elite Clones

Bug Juice Insecticide and Miticide
BillyBudd Bug Juice Insecticide and Miticide

Elite Clones Available:
BillyBudd clones are from seeded mother plants and are grown under ideal conditions for optimal clone viability.

Bug Juice Miticide and Insecticide

January 1, 2013: Bug Juice miticide and insecticide available for trials.
    Bug Juice Description:
  • Designed to be an all in one pest solution with an effective spider mite control mechanism. Works much faster than predator mites or neem oil and is designed to save your precious crop from parasites. Priced lower than any other product which will only control your spider mite population. Bug Juice will totally eliminate your spider mite problem.
  • Kills spider mites, moths, thrips, flies, fungas gnats, aphids, caterpillers, ants and yes, will even kill bed bugs in your home. Highly effective insecticide and miticide due to secret ingredients.
  • A systemic approach attacking their entire life cycle at one time.
      Three Major Active Ingredients:
    • One ingredient repels pests.
    • One ingredient poisons the pests immediately.
    • One ingredient reduces their ability to reproduce.
  • All natural and organic broad spectrum pest control.
  • Should eliminate all spider mites within 2-3 weeks of the original treatment. They will not return if treatment is continued on a weekly maintenance basis.
  • Contains several different natural and organic ingredients that combine to increase the effectiveness against most pests.
  • Three different active ingredients and each highly effective alone. This cocktail approach is much more effective in controlling the most difficult pest, the spider mite.
  • Secret formulation that cannot be found anywhere else. This is my own formulation based upon my research and development. Not associated with Disney or a fruit flavoured beverage or a medicated drink or the insecticide paint additive of the same name.

    Application Directions:
  • WARNING: Not to be applied by or near pregnant women or animals/livestock. Not to be used if using an integrated pest management control system as it will kill your predator mites and lady bugs. Wear gloves and mask whenever applying any herbicide, insecticide or miticide.
  • Material Requirements: Billy Budd Bug Juice, water, mask, gloves, sprayer, measuring cup, stir stick.
  • Apply when lights are off at the end of the day.
  • Mix Billy Budd Bug Juice concentrate 50:1 with water.
  • Agitate (shake or stir) the mix of solution and then pour into sprayer.
  • Spray all over the plant but never spray pistils (buds) as it affect the taste and toxicity of the finished product. This means that you can only spray up to about two weeks after beginning the flowering cycle.
  • Spray the entire plant and top of the soil. Spray underneath the leaves especially and spray on top of the soil and up the meristem and branches. When you spray the soil, one of the ingredients will ensure that the eggs hidden in soil will not hatch. Soaking the entire plant ensures that they have nowhere to take refuge.
  • Clear by spraying with pure water in the morning when the lights are just coming on.
  • Repeat treatment every 4 days. You should notice an improvement after a few days, good results in a week and total success after 4 treatments.
  • Even if you do not see spider mites the optimal time for preventative treatment is when cloning and about two weeks after initiation of the flowering cycle, just before pistills begin to appear.
  • Spray before the flowering begins. Never spray buds with anything as they are like sponges and will absorb and hold that chemical forever.

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