How To Select a Cannabis Strain by Billy Budd

How to Become a Master Grower

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You need to select a strain based upon your medical needs as well as your growing method. Sativas provide antidepressant effects while indicas provide analgesic effects. Pure strains provide, respectively, either a high with no pain relief or pain relief without a high. I recommend hybrids due to their combined effect. If you just want pain relief without a high or paranoia then choose a pure indica.

  • Tetraploids - genetically modified plants are not suitable for growing into trees. Due to their slow vegetative growth they are not commercially viable. They are great for Sea of Green though, due to their genetic superiority. If you do not care about yield and simply want the highest quality then grow tetraploids into trees. You should get 40% THC levels and the best smoke on the planet bar none. I do highly recommend growing tetraploids into trees for cancer patients regardless of the extra growing costs. This is the most effective pain relief available.

  • Sativas are not suitable for Sea of Green as they will not begin to flower ("flip") based upon the light cycle reduction from 18 to 12 hours. They flip after they mature. Sativas are equitorials and are not used to long days anyway. Sativas take longer to flower and the yields are much lower. They do provide, however, the highest THC and best antidepressant effect. Sativa is a day time smoke and will not create a couch lock effect.

  • Indicas are not as suitable for growing trees as hybrids or pure sativas. Indicas were the most commercially successful in the past due to high yields. The market has changed however and generally, if they do not have sativa in their genetics then the commercial value will be much lower than hybrids. People want the antidepressant effect/high in their pot. Most people eventually find that the indica no longer works and is tiresome. Indica is a night time smoke due to the couch lock effect.

  • Hybrids are the best growers and have the best of commercial success due to their yield and quality combination. F1 Hybrids are the best as they have better growth characteristics as well as higher THC levels than either of its parent plants. Breeding F1 hybrids together results in F2,F3 and beyond and the resulting plants are not nearly as good as the original F1. You can continue breeding out the various parentage but it takes a long time to stabilize a strain. It should then be crossed with a pure interbred line to create another F1.

  • Old Clones are not as good as newer strains. Many great names are now reduced to mediocrity. This is due to the mother plant being long gone and the clones coming from old clones. Eventually the flavour, potency, growth all diminish. The spider mites will want to eat these old clone plants as they are in a weakened state. All clones should come from a seeded mother plant, ideally.

  • High Yield Plants may produce more finished product but will be much weaker in potency. This is a science fact despite what many growers believe, you cannot have your cake and eat it too. You want a strain that will be combination of yield and potency. Weak strains are no longer wanted in the marketplace. Many growers got rich in the past growing crappy strains in Sea of Green but the market has changed significantly.

  • High Potency Plants may produce an excellent product but the yield may be so low and the flowering time so long that it is not commercially viable to grow. Connoisseur cannabis is highly desirable but may not obtain the price that it is worth. You should choose a strain that is a combination of yield and potency.

  • Medical Condition will dictate your ultimate needs. You are the patient and will discover, if you have not yet, what works best for you. You should have two types of medication at least to maintain the efficacy. Ideally it would be one that is mainly indica and one that is mainly sativa. You could have a hybrid as a good compromise between both worlds.

      Medical Conditions and Suggested Cannabis Strains:
    • Cancer: Tetraploid vegged and flowered to full maturity as trees. This is the strongest cannabis on the planet.
    • Multiple Sclerosis: Indica or hybrid.
    • Parkinsons: Indica
    • Anxiety: Indica
    • Insomnia: Indica
    • Depression: Sativa
    • HIV/AIDS: Hybrid
    • Spinal Cord Injury: Indica ∆8-tetrahydrocannabivarin decreases oxidative stress and inflammatory conditions
    • Spinal Cord Disease: Hybrid
    • Arthritis: Indica ∆8-tetrahydrocannabivarin decreases inflammatory conditions
    • Epilepsy: Sativa or indica or hybrid with 3 specific compounds for seizure control. Cannabidiol, ∆9-tetrahydrocannabivarin and GWP42006 were shown to significantly reduce the number and severity of seizure episodes in rats. - Dr Ben Whalley