Billy Budd Clones

Click here to read Secrets of the Pink Kush to learn how to grow and breed killer cannabis strains (F1 hybrids, triploids, tetraploids, pentaploids, hexaploids, etc.) and learn many other previously unknown facts about nature and giants (tetraploid humans). Amazing discovery made about polyploidism during lengthy agricultural research project. Ancient puzzle finally solved using science, nature, occult and genetics - reversed engineered Pink Kush tetraploid plant was the key to this ancient mystery that nobody has been able to solve until now. The most advanced book in the world on growing and breeding cannabis.

Clone Status: Wednesday, October 18, 2017. Local pickup of clones in Toronto and Vancouver. Most strains are ready for pickup or mail order. Call 778-862-1670 to discuss.

Mail order or local pickup in Vancouver (Surrey/Newton) and local pickup/delivery in Toronto and surrounding area, including Ottawa for delivery. Each box of 25 is now $300. We will require a copy of your Health Canada license (MMAR, MMPR or ACMPR) e-mailed to for local pickup and a 20% deposit prior to picking up your order.

Knowledge is power: read the book and watch the videos.

Prices are $10 each for less than 20, $8 each for less than 50 and $6 for 50 or more. Volume discounts for larger orders and repeat customers. Health Canada license and a 20% deposit is required for all order. Use Interac e-Transfer to for deposit balance paid upon delivery. Call 778-862-1670 to discuss.


Choose from the following strains:

Pink Kush now ready - world famous tetraploid cannabis plant. This is the plant that I reverse engineered to discover its amazing secret. It is a polyploid (doubled chromosomes) and this genetic principle applies to all living organisms including humans (God, Satan, Lucifer and the angels were just tetraploid humans as are the "aliens"). Secrets of the Pink Kush explains this in complete detail.
Afghani Kush - great for breeding projects
Master Kush
Rock Star (tetraploid)
OG Kush
Silver Skunk
Purple Candy Kush
Strawberry Cough
Chemo (this is not UBC Chemo which is a tetraploid)
LA Chocolate
Bubba Kush
Green Crack x God Bud is back again due to popular demand. It is cross of the following two strains: Green Crack and God Bud
White Cookies
Skunk #1


Clones are now ready for pickup today, Thursday September 28, 2017.

  • Purple Candy Kush
  • Afghani Kush
  • Purple Project
  • Chemo
  • Bubba Kush
  • Rockstar

NOTE: I recommend you read my book, Secrets of the Pink Kush to learn how to grow tetraploid cannabis plants.

Call 778-862-1670 to discuss or to place your order (Health Canada license required MMPR/MMAR/ACMPR). Local pickup in Surrey, BC/Mission, BC and Toronto, Ontario and surrounding area, we deliver.

We sometimes have teens (10-12 inches in cups) available in Vancouver and Toronto. Call for local pickup in Vancouver/Fraser Valley or Toronto. Clones always available anytime. Mail Order is now only $250 per box of 25 using Xpress Post or Priority Post for an additional charge of $50. Call 778-862-1670 to arrange order. Please check the weather forecast for your area to ensure that your mail delivery is not delayed by weather. Health Canada license required for all mail orders.

Career Opportunity: clone suppliers wanted for distribution of clones in Canada, the U.S. and anywhere it is legal to do so. Please phone 1-778-862-1670 or e-mail to discuss.

Current Legal Status: Georgia Straight article - Feb. 24, 2016: Canadian Court Rules on Allard Decision Allowing Growers to Continue Growing

How to Become a Master Grower

Click here to read Secrets of the Pink Kush to learn how to grow and breed killer cannabis strains and learn many other previously unknown facts about nature and giants (tetraploid humans).

Click here for Youtube videos from Secrets of the Pink Kush. Learn how to breed and grow medical marijuana / cannabis strains and learn the truth about our world.

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How To Order Clones - Call 778-862-1670

  • NOTE: Local pickup in Toronto is available at this time effective May 6, 2016. Mail order only for all other locations including Vancouver.
  • For local pickup in Vancouver: phone me at Seven-Seven-Eight-862-1670 to discuss.
  • For mail order:
  • You must possess a Health Canada License. The expired licenses are still valid due to the decision of the judge.
  • Scan or take a picture of your MMAD PUPL license. Send as an attachment to
  • Phone or text me at 778--862-1670 to discuss. You can call me and I can return your call if you do not have free long distance.
  • Include your phone number and quantities for each strain.
  • Send payment using Interac e-Transfer.
    • Setup as a recipient.
    • Send payment to that e-mail address.
    • DO NOT SEND ANY PAYMENT until we discuss.
    • Please use the following password for the Interac e-Transfer: clones
    • Make sure you send me an e-mail that contains the name of the person doing the Interac e-Transfer so I can match the payment with your order.
    • Send an e-mail with your license containing the plant count, your shipping address and contact number.
  • Shipments go out on Monday and Tuesday only to ensure that package is not held over the weekend. Shipment should arrive within two days.
  • Prices are $250 per box of 25 using Xpress Post or $300 for Priority Post(recommended). $400 per box of 25 guaranteed (you must return any damaged clones immediately, by ground shipment, for proof). Discounts for large quantities. No guarantees on mail order (except for $400 guaranteed orders), you assume the risk so please consider all factors before ordering (time of year, growing ability, Canada Post delivery times, using Revive, planting after receiving, etc.). Canada Post refuses to honour their insurance so do not expect anything except a refund on mail charges which is about $50 for Xpress Post or $100 for Priority Post.
  • NOTE: Use can use the Contact Us form for a quick inquiry.

Actual Pictures of Polyploid Cannabis - Billy Budd Clones in various stages. click to enlarge.

Polyploid Cannabis Polyploid Cannabis Polyploid Cannabis Polyploid Cannabis
Polyploid Cannabis Polyploid Cannabis Polyploid Cannabis Polyploid Cannabis
Polyploid Cannabis Polyploid Cannabis Polyploid Cannabis Polyploid Cannabis
Please note that growing polyploids requires more advanced growing skills. I recommend growing triploids as they provide the optimum balance between quality and quantity. Most novice and profit growers can easily produce AA product with good yields. They will, if grown correctly, produce AAA and these quality clones from seeded mothers can actually beat, both in quality and quantity, some tetraploids due to their excessive generations of cuttings (leading to diminished genetics). If you really must have quads (AAAA rated product) then order tetraploids from our seeded or treated polyploids. I guarantee that these plants will produce a product that is substantially stronger and better tasting than any normal diploid cannabis plant. I recommend reading Secrets of the Pink Kush for a detailed explanation of polyploids and on how to grow and breed truly superior quality cannabis.