Grow Rippers in Ontario:

    John Dury
    Mississauga, Ontario
    His phone number: 647-523-9337. A search reveals that number is connected to Delta Positive Hypnotherapy / Julie Carbonneau
    His e-mail:

    Jon Dury worked for us for a very short period of time. He cannot be trusted to say the least. He stole the proceeds of the clone sales from another supplier. He also made side deals with some of my customers without my knowledge, he stole the money and he did not deliver. I warn all of my customers to not do business with this crook. Description: About six feet tall, 260 LBS. Dark hair, 26 years old.

  • Ko Kuffuor of Ottawa, Ontario . This guy attempted to purchase drugs from us illegally in July of 2013 and then threatend to call the police when we refused. He was extremely disrespectful and appears to be of an untrustworthy nature and perhaps mentally unstable. I normally do not print this on these idiots but this guy is a real goof and warrants a serious warning. I believe his website is:
    http://www.kokuffuor DOT com/ and his Facebook page is:
    Do not do business with Ko Kuffuor, you will regret it. DO NOT DO ANYTHING ILLEGAL.

  • Mark A. Henke of Toronto, Ontario . This guy is either mentally ill or an undercover narcotics officer. He is a proven liar so I advise against doing business with this person. He may present a forged or invalid Health Canada license. I was told it was not valid so beware.

  • Rebecca Dempsey of Toronto, Ontario . This women is just another crazy goof bitch and liar who thinks the world owes her a living. I strongly recommend avoiding this person altogether. I suspect that she is mentally ill. She apparently cannot read or comprehend and I can prove this fact. She offers all the respect that one would expect to receive from a crack ho. I refused to do business with her and then she complains about reliability, prices, etc. as if she had placed an order. I never took her order so she is full of it if she refers to my reliability or any other aspect. She is extremely disrespectful and lacking in knowledge in the cannabis industry as well as in business. She has an entitlement/princess complex in my opinion.
    Grow Rippers in BC:

    These people have been known to rip people off by various forms. We have received serious complaints about these criminals. These are men and women of ignoble birth and true sociopaths. BEWARE of the following people:

    • Tim Prior of 1473 Johnston Road, White Rock, BC. Phone number: 778-982-0366 White Male, Age: 34? May be running a show in Mission, BC. Used to work for DHL Richmond Depot.

    • Jerry Tetreault of Rosedale, BC formerly of Boston Bar BC and Terrace BC. Metis Male, Age: 53.

    • Kerstin Rusher of Rosedale, BC formerly of Boston Bar BC and Terrace BC. White Female, Age: 58 Originally from Sweden.

    • Chris ? of Aberdeen Street, Rosedale, BC. Age: 24?

    • Two Persians who are cousins: Vince and Ivey of Burnaby, BC. Ages: 24? Known to hang out at Burnaby Metrotown. Both are known to associate with very young girls, even pre-teens.

    • An East Indian from South Vancouver and Surrey named "Two Faced Bobby" (due to his half discoloured face) and his Chinese partner David. They are known drug dealers, thieves, grow rippers and home invaders. Even their own people cannot trust them apparently as they are also users.

    • An East Indian from Mission named Sammy. This guy appears to be working for the RCMP and attempted to purchase illegal drugs from me with his baby daughter at the time. I advised him that I do not sell cannabis in finished product format but he was insistent. His phone number is: 604-551-0598. Another disrespectful person who acts like they are mentally ill but are probably undercover police or working with them. Avoid this loser or you will regret it.
    • Ron Brett (click here for his Facebook account). This guy is under suspicion for being a government agent of some kind or perhaps is just another disrespectful ignorant moron who does not believe in karma.
      I recommend that you do NOT do business with these seed companies:

    • Kaliman Seeds in the U.K. and Spain. They have seeds for sale on Seedsman so watch out for their products. BAD REVIEW. They cannot be trusted.
    • Sam the Skunkman AKA David Watson of GW Pharmaceuticals and/or Sacred Seeds.
    • Reeferman AKA Charles Scott. I believe he has a dispensary on South Granville, Vancouver, BC. Do not do business with him.