How to Make Clones - Best Methodology by Billy Budd

How to Become a Master Grower

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How to Make Clones - Best Methodology by Billy Budd (August 9, 2013):

  • Please follow these procedures:
  • Mother plant must be from seed or once removed. That Nephilim is direct from seed so it should be killer.
  • Mother plant must be three months old before taking any cuttings.
  • Allow the mother plant time to regenerate before taking more cuttings. This approach reduces the stress on the mother and produces clones that will put out better yield.
  • Feed the mother plant on veg food for 5 days and then 5 days on flowering food. This is to allow it to re-gen and then to lighten the nitrogen so the clones will root faster.
  • Never cut more than 1/3 of a plant.
  • Always use fresh green, not woody.
  • Take from the middle half of the plant.
  • Put them in water after cutting.
  • Cut at 45 degree angle.
  • Leave only two nodes per clone.
  • Cut one third of the leaves off to reduce transpiration. This will shorten the rooting period. Some people cut up to one half of each leaf but this may be too much for some strains. Try cutting only one third of the leaf tip at first. If using an aeroponic system then you may not need to cut any of the leaf.
  • Use an inert medium, like rock wool or Oasis cubes.
  • Different growing mediums will affect rooting time. Rock wool will root a few days faster than peat pucks. Aeroponic systems will root the fastest.
  • The cuttings should be dried after they come out of the water.
  • Dip in powdered rooting hormone.
  • Dip in gel rooting hormone.
  • Treat powdery mildew, if any, with milk and water 10:1 ratio. Correct your environment.
  • Place in rockwool or another inert medium. Always use hydro friendly as some of my customers will not accept them in peat.
  • Keep temperature at 76 degrees Farenheit. Slightly higher temps for sativa and lower for indica based strains.
  • Keep humidity at 80-90 percent. Slightly higher RH for sativa and lower for indica based strains.
  • Open the dome, once a day to ensure that fresh air gets in and molds do not develop.
  • Make sure the clones do not touch and that they get adequate lighting. This will reduce the probability of Powdery Mildew. MAKE SURE THE CLONES DO NOT TOUCH. Open the tray, once a day. Keep the vents closed and then slowly open them as the last days approach.
  • You can make your own rooting hormone from the willow tree. Cut willow branches and soak in water. Boil off to reduce to desired consistency.