Medical Marijuana, Human Genetics, Plant Genetics and Paranoia by Billy Budd

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    Medical Marijuana:
    Marijuana is, in my opinion, one of the safest analgesic and antidepressants in the world. There appears to be very little risk to the health with marijuana use. The same cannot be said for opiates, cocaine, amphetamines, alcohol or prescription antidepressants. There are however some risks to some people with certain types of cannabis plants at certain flowering stages. Young people, especially with a COMT gene allele of met/met, should be advised against using marijuana especially sativa dominant strains that were harvested prematurely.
  • Human COMT (catechol-O-methyltransferase) gene val/met allele influences dopamine. Having a val/val allele means low susceptibility, val/met higher susceptibility and met/met very high susceptibility to paranoia.
  • Cannabis gene indica/sativa allele influences THC/CBD ratios. More indica means more CBD which acts as a brake on the THC thus reducing the paranoia effects.
  • Humans have a cannabanoid system in their brain that is receptive to CBD .
  • High levels of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) causes paranoia.
  • THC converts to CBD (Cannabidiol) and then breaks down to CBN (Cannabinol).
  • CBD reduces paranoia. It can act likes brakes on the effects of THC.
  • Premature plants have very little CBD and thus have a higher effective THC level and thus can cause paranoia.
  • Cannabis Indica creates high levels of CBD and thus much lower effective THC level.
  • Cannabis Sativa has high THC levels with low levels of CBD.
  • Premature minds are more suspectible to paranoia so children should not take marijuana. It will induce paranoid schizophrenia. The condition will cease with cessation of the drug. Many psychiatrists have ignorantly and falsely diagnosed a drug induced paranoia as being a paranoid schizophreniac.
  • If a young person is smoking a premature sativa plant (< 8 weeks budding) then the liklihood of paranoia developing is very high. CBD will counter the effects of paranoia. CBD is found in indica so hybrid of sativa and indica is recommended. This, and growing the plant to maturity, will limit the paranoia effects.
  • Paranoia can also be exacerbated by legal and/or law enforcement issues.