Nephilim - Diablos x Pink Kush by Billy Budd

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    Nephilim (Diablos x Pink Kush) Strain Genetics:
  • Strain Name: Nephilim (Fuma con Diablos x Pink Kush). I created this variant strain of Pink Kush to provide more pain relief with an indica based offering. It has sativa and indica in it but it has a good indica pain relief (analgesic) effect. There are no real Pink Kush seeds available and anybody purporting to sell real deal Pink Kush seeds is a liar. Since everybody loved the Pink Kush for taste and effect, I created a compromise that should grow much faster than a Pink Kush clone and come close to the original Pink Kush. Pink Kush is an super elite clone that was created from a Colchicine treatment of hundreds of seeds to create a single tetraploid from which all clones originate. Tetraploids are really high in THC due to double density of trichomes. I estimate up to 40% THC content. I have grown and smoked the real Pink Kush and found it to be of a superior quality to everything and anything that I had ever smoked. Pink Kush is even better than OG Kush (another tetraploid). It has that real dank smell which provides a clue that it as a tetraploid. You must check the plant for the physical attributes and/or know the history of the plant. You will know the smell when you encounter it. Pink Kush is however, a horrible plant to grow due to the dense leaf formation. It is not economically viable to grow Pink Kush large and in dirt. Anybody who gives a tetraploid like OG Kush, Pink Kush should warn you about the slow growth, extra food and handling requirements. If they do not warn you then either they are your enemy trying to ruin you or they are ignorant growers or thirdly, it is not a real tetraploid so those issues never arise. You could use sea of green and/or hydro but the quality will be significantly reduced. Diablos Pink Kush should offer a good compromise of growth, quality, quantity and it is available in seed form.
  • Triploid seeds - created from a tetraploid Pink Kush mother and a Fuma con Diablos male. Seeds will not breed with regular diploids or tetraploids due to chromosone mismatch. Seeds may not even breed amongst themselves. Not proven yet. I suspect this plant to be completely sterile.
  • F1 Hybrid - may not breed true (unproven theory on triploids).
  • Father: Fuma con Diablos AKA Skunk Haze (Sam the Skunkman) Skunk #1 x Original Haze
  • Mother: Pink Kush (super elite clone from the Fraser Valley) Purple Afghani x Thai (treated with Colchicine to create a tetraploid)
  • Ruderalis: 0% Afghanica: 0% Indica: 70% Sativa: 30%
  • THC Level: 30% estimated (higher than maximum of 25% due to increased density of THC caused by extra chromosone)
  • CBD Level: 5% estimated
  • Taste: Kush, perfumey, nice rich lavender.
  • Smell: Sweet, Citrus, Kush, Skunky, slight Kerosene or Diesel smell probably from CBD related terpenes.
  • Pistil Colour: Pink under black light
  • Flowering Period: 8 1/2 to 9 weeks / 60-63 days
  • Yield: Good 400 gms / m2 OR 1.25 LBS dried weight per 1,000 Watt HPS light. ESTIMATE ONLY. New test results due by June 24, 2013. You should be able to pull at least a pound a light of killer smoke. Topping and SOG will permit much higher yields but the quality will diminish somewhat.
  • Growth: Much faster growth than the mother Pink Kush but in general a bit slower growth (10-20%) than regular diploid indica due to extra leaf generation. I have had reports back that the growth was actually good after advising to increase the PPM concentration of food. It appears that the growth and stretch was more than anticipated. This is extremely better growing than the tetraploid Pink Kush (the mother of this strain). I guess the sativa and the step down to triploid helped in the growth rate category.
  • Pruning: Some pruning required as there is some undergrowth
  • Topping/FIM: Topping works great for increased yield but it will slow vegetative growth somewhat
  • High/Stone: Somewhat psychedelic, trippy high due to the Haze/Thai with some couchlock/indica pain relief effect that can last for up to 2 hours. Very sedative and calming.
  • Pain Relief: Good for physical pain and for depression
  • Plant Structure: High leaf to flower ratio, similar to Pink Kush mother, large cola and bud formation, pink pistils under black light, larger cell structure than a regular diploid plant.
  • Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor only
  • Smoke Report: June 15, 2013: This is preliminary report from another grower who chopped down one week earlier than my growers crop. His crop was vegged for only four weeks and then flowered for sixty days. He brought me a free sample to try. The bud broken open smell somewhat like fuel and skunk and were very sticky. The buds were fairly tight and very presentable. Extremely smooth kush flavour (smooth is a sign of high quality), very potent. Perfumey/lavender terpenes present in the taste which means a nice sedative effect. Tasty and rich and the perfume taste is actually a nicer, richer taste. I usually do not like perfume tasting smoke but this is very nice, surprisingly. This is probably due to the higher density of these lavender terpene compounds, due to the triploid structure. Very potent buzz for a couple of hours. Extremely sedating effect, good pain relief, excellent anti-anxiety, nice smooth even high with some buzz and long lasting effect. This is some of the best smoke that I have had in a long time. June 26, 2013: I received a sample of the second batch. These clones were from the same mother and same batch, different grower. This was chopped down far too early and was over dried. The plant was overfed and was suffering some nutrient burn. No mites or PM. The buds are quite dense surprisingly but excessively dry. The smoke is very smooth and very potent. I am chronic and this messes me up. Couchlock somewhat and medium to heavy sedation with some stellar effect. I am surprised at the quality considering the premature growth. This is a good candidate for sea of green method. The yield was only 3/4 pound per light but was organic (worst yielding method), prematurely harvested (more weight loss), over dried (more weight loss). The second sample was more like the original Pink Kush but I really would have liked to see 9 weeks flowering as the plants were clearly not finished and the grower lost quality of taste, medicine and weight. Patience is required for this business. Overall I would say this shows tremendous promise to the grower who wants a high quality smoke with good yields within a shorter cycle. There was no lavender taste to this batch. These clones all came from the same mother but the results were different. This should be killer smoke AAAA if vegged for at least 2 months and left for 9 weeks flowering. Expect a yield of anywhere from .8 to 1.5 pounds per light of AA to AAAA quality depending upon conditions.
  • NOTE: I am still working on this experimental strain so some of the information may be missing or not completely accurate at this time. Just flipped them after 6 weeks vegging. Pictures below are from week 2 to week 6 of the vegetative period plus the current flowering period. Results in June 2013.
  • Smell: Starts to smell at week 3 of flowering. Sweet citrus (limonene terpine) smell clearly evident at week 4.
  • July 13, 2013: Finally got feedback the third and final grow of Nephilim: "Hey Billy, Just a Thank you note for the most amazing medicine plants ever! Even with the problems I had early on with temp control,proper ventilation and the PM thing, i still wound up with half a pound of the most potent dried bud I've ever seen.I sure would like to know the THC content in this stuff, Off the scales! Looking forward to my next harvest....Thanks again," - Mistir
  • August 9, 2013: "hey bill Everyone that tried it said it was the best they've ever had. I have 2 big mothers growing outside now. I could use some pointers on your best cloning techinque,although I know how to grow, I suck when it comes to cloning. they all want to die! I may have to drive out again to get some more.Is there any way to package them for a trip by purolator? lol You have a great strain there bud! mistir"
    Genetic Origin of Nephilim:
  • "The sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which they chose. There were giants in the earth in those days, and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown" (Genesis 6:1-4).

    I call it Nephilim because I believe that the Nephilim referenced in the Bible were actually giant sterile triploid human beings which is exactly what this plant is, in genetic terms. It states that the were not fruitful unto god. That means sterile and triploids are sterile. It also states that they were the sons of gods and daughters of men. The gods being tetraploids (like Pink Kush) and the daughters of men (Fuma con Diablos) being diploids. This will create a sterile triploid, hence the Nephilim. I have it reversed it here though using daughters of gods and sons of men. From my research I discovered that women used to employ Autumn Crocus as a local anesthetic. The Autumn Crocus contains colchicine which is the chemical used to create tetraploids. I believe that from this practice, there resulted a number of tetraploid human beings. These would have been gods(tetraploids). They would twice the size of a normal human, take much longer to grow and live to an old age and be extremely intelligent due to the massive brain (two to four times in size, I suspect). They would have had extremely high caloric diets and water requirements. I believe because of their heavy appetite, they may have become cannibals. This relates to the Book of Enoch where he is hiding in a cave from the cannibalistic Nephilim. Strange, but I think it is true. It all fits and actually works.

    Giants have been found in other parts of the world as well. Tetraploid giants explains the saga of Beowulf (Grendel the giant and his mother a giant also), Ferdinand Magellan (who captured at least one giant in Patagonia), Daniel Boone (who shot one apparently) and the giants of Ohio (and reports from native Americans of red headed giants). These reports of giants were all questioned by the people of the day and generally not believed, just like the Bible. Magellan had the best evidence but unfortunately the giant died during transport back to Europe. Antonio Pigafetta documented the giants encountered by Magellan. Commodore John Byron commander of the ship the Dolphin, Sir Francis Drake (documented by Francis Fletcher) had all reported giants in Patagonia as well. I am unsure of how these South American giants came into existence as the Autumn Crocus is not native to South America, as far as I can tell, but is to many other parts of the world. There are related species which may contain similar alkaloids. There are other alkaloids which can achieve the same effect of preventing cell division so it may very well be from another plant. It is for this very reason, preventing cell division, that I suspected that this plant, the Autumn Crocus, and its alkaloid, colchicine, may cure cancer. It turns out that I may very well be correct in this serendipitous discovery. I recommend all cancer patients keep an Autumn Crocus plant within their vicinity. Be careful as this plant is extremely toxic but being close, I suspect, will allow the patient to absorb safe amounts of colchicine through molecules in the air, without direct consumption of any kind. Giants, gout, Familial Mediterranean fever, cancer, Hep C and they said this plant was useless. Remember it is not really a crocus but a lily and lilies all seem to have very potent alkaloids for various ailments and purposes. We have a symbiotic relationship with plants that was abandoned a long time ago. We are now just coming back to that realization.
The following gallery is all pictures of Nephilim (Fuma con Diablos x Pink Kush) triploid sinsemilla starting at week 2 through to week 6 of vegging plus flowering. They were flipped at week 6 in April 2013. More pictures available as soon as possible. Weekly updates. These 9 plants were grown organically under a single 1000 Watt HPS light.

Grow Report Pictures March - June 13 2013 Complete
Diablos Pink Kush Week 2 Vegetative Diablos Pink Kush Week 3 Vegetative
Diablos Pink Kush Week 4 Vegetative Diablos Pink Kush Week 5 Vegetative
Diablos Pink Kush Week 6 Vegetative Pictures above are vegging from
week 2 to week 6.

The pictures below are after flipping:
Diablos Pink Kush Week 1 After Being Flipped Diablos Pink Kush Week 2 After Being Flipped
Diablos Pink Kush Week 3 After Being Flipped Diablos Pink Kush Week 3 After Being Flipped
Triploid / Sinsemilla (sterile)
(Fuma con Diablos x Pink Kush)
May 16, 2013:
Four weeks after flipping.
Diablos Pink Kush Week 4 After Being Flipped
Diablos Pink Kush Week 4 After Being Flipped Diablos Pink Kush Week 4 After Being Flipped
May 23, 2013 Only 5 weeks after flowering.
Diablos Pink Kush Week 5 After Being Flipped Diablos Pink Kush Week 5 After Being Flipped
This is really looking good for
yield, growth and excellent
finished product.
Notice the pink pistils in this lighting.
View under a black light to verify.
This trait is inherited from the
Pink Kush mother.
They appear as white pistils under
normal lighting.
Week 6 of flowering
pictures below
Taken on Friday, May 31, 2013
Diablos Pink Kush Week 6 After Being Flipped Diablos Pink Kush Week 6 After Being Flipped
Diablos Pink Kush Week 6 After Being Flipped Diablos Pink Kush Week 6 After Being Flipped
Week 7 of flowering
Taken on Thursday, June 6, 2013
Pistils starting to turn pink/orange.
Beginning to flush now as it should
be done within ten days or so.
Appears to be an 8 week strain.
Exact flowering period posted later.
Starting to smell more medicinal
now as some of the THC converts
to CBD.
Diablos Pink Kush Week 7 After Being Flipped
Diablos Pink Kush Week 7 After Being Flipped Diablos Pink Kush Week 76 After Being Flipped
Pictures taken June 13, 2013 This plant was chopped down
after 8 weeks of flowering.
This could have gone several
more days before chopping for
more narcotic/analgesic effect
as well as more weight.
Nephilim  Week 8 After Being Flipped Nephilim  Week 8 After Being Flipped
Nephilim  Week 8 After Being Flipped Nephilim  Week 8 After Being Flipped