Pink Kush

How to Become a Master Grower

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Pink Kush Strain Review

Pink Kush is a very famous cannabis strain that I personally have helped make famous. The reason that Pink Kush is so famous is because it is superior to most other cannabis strains. I was determined to find out why Pink Kush was superior and essentially reverse engineered this strange cannabis plant. I ended up discovering many strange things all due to the anomalies of the Pink Kush plant and I wrote about them in my book Secrets of the Pink Kush, what I discovered is nothing short of amazing and terrifying due to its implications. The Pink Kush is a tetraploid, which means it has four sets of chromosomes. I believe that Pink Kush is a cross of Afghani with a Mexican Sativa in which the seeds were then treated with colchicine to create a tetraploid as per instructions in my book. I have reason to believe that this plant was created at the same time as OG Kush or at least by the same people, the HA. The reason for this is that I was told it was a sister plant to OG Kush.

This technique for creating polyploids can be used on any cannabis seeds to significantly improve the quality of any cannabis seeds. Pink Kush has pink pistils under a black light and other tetraploids exhibit similar colour characteristics. Secrets of the Pink Kush elaborates on these anomalies and how to make truly superior marijuana strains just like the Pink Kush. Everything you need to know about creating plants like Pink Kush and many other strange things about nature and humans can be found in this amazing book of knowledge. Many ancient and modern secrets are revealed.

Basic Attributes of Pink Kush

Pink Kush can produce a quad which is AAAA rated cannabis. The THC level can reach upwards of 40% due to the fact that the real Pink Kush strain is a tetraploid. This doubling of chromosomes results in much higher levels of THC and plants that will grow into massive giants if permitted. This same concept works with all living organisms including plants, insects, fish, mammals and evern humans. Secrets of the Pink Kush shows you how this all fits together and how to create super pot through polyploidism. Pink Kush is a indica and sativa hybrid which produces extremely heavy leaf growth. The resulting flowering buds can look like ice sickles due the extremely heavy THC production. Expect extremely slow growth rates due to doubled size of plant and the cell structure. The smoke is very smooth and has an excellent stellar effect as well from the sativa genetics and that fact that it is a tetraploid. Read my book for a complete understanding about polyploids and for my Polyploid Formula which reveals the mathematics and natural mechanism for the varying levels of polypolids. You will discover how to create any level of polyploid that you wish using this formula.

Pink Kush Gallery

The following pictures are the real tetraploid Pink Kush. Pictures of the resulting offspring triploid 3n (Fuma con Diablos 2n x Pink Kush 4n) can be found on the Diablos Pink Kush (Nephilim) page. I call it Nephilim because they are sterile triploids just like the Nephilim mentioned in the Bible (Secrets of the Pink Kush explains this using science).

Pictures From My Pink Kush Tetraploid Grow 2010-2011: