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BillyBudd Premium Marijuana Seeds and Elite Clones
BillyBudd Premium Marijuana Seeds and Elite Clones

Pink Kush Gallery

Premium Seeds:
BillyBudd seeds are grown under ideal conditions for optimal seed viability.

If you want the quality and taste of Pink Kush but do not want the poor yield due to slow growth then try my Diablos Pink Kush triploid clones.

Diablos Pink Kush Description and Gallery (created using the real Pink Kush)

Pictures From My Pink Kush Tetraploid Grow 2010-2011:

The following pictures are the real tetraploid Pink Kush. Pictures of the resulting offspring triploid 3n (Fuma con Diablos 2n x Pink Kush 4n) can be found on the Diablos Pink Kush page.

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Grown in soil with HID lights and the best water in the world. Located in the Fraser Valley, BC, Canada