How to Become a Master Grower

Click here to read Secrets of the Pink Kush to learn how to grow and breed killer cannabis strains and learn many other previously unknown facts about nature and giants (tetraploid humans).

*** Youtube videos from Read Secrets of the Pink Kush to learn how to breed and grow medical marijuana / cannabis strains.

Premium Seeds:
BillyBudd cannabis seeds are grown under ideal conditions for optimal seed viability.

We are seed breeders and protectors of cultivars and not a seed company per se. Our seeds are the result of research and development for special hybrid seeds and some are genetically modified cannabis seeds. Not all seeds are for sale but I will have clones of that strain available.

February 6, 2019: Seeds Currently Available Retail

    Prices are $50 for 10 pack. You must hold an MMAR, MMPR or ACMPR license in order to purchase seeds or clones.
  • Storm; G13 x White Widow, doubled from 2n to 4n tetraploid and S1 selfed for the seed.
  • FireStorm; NorCal Fie x Storm. 3n triploid
  • Storm 2; Storm (G13xWW) x Unknown x Storm. 3n triploid
  • Strawberria; Strawberry Cookies x Storm 2. 3n triploid
  • CarlyCane; True OG x Pink Kush 3n triploid
  • HeroCane; Herijuana OG x White Squall (Storm x UK). 3n triploid
  • We have other diploid seeds as well and are working on tetraploid seeds. Learn how to make your own polyploid cannabis seeds that can exceed 30% THC by reading Secrets of the Pink Kush. The only book in the world that proves that many myths (Bible, Roman/Greek Gods, Nordic Gods) were factual. All proven using science, genetics and occult knowledge. This same science/occult knowledge can be applied to produce awesome cannabis strains.
August 2, 2015: Wholesale - we have thousands of land race genetics (cannabis strains) from all over the world that we are now making available. These are for seed wholesalers or licensed producers only at this time. We may make them available for retail in the near future. Contact me seven-seven-eight 862-1670 to discuss.

We have triploid, tetraploid and pentaploid seeds. The world's strongest cannbis sativa and cannabis indica. Up to 60% THC for a hexaploid. See my book or free articles, videos for details. We will have some free seeds for clients to test out. You must pay for shipping and handling (< $10) and provide a report report about yield, quality, taste, growth characteristics etc. The results may be published in a journal or future book. The form is not long or complicated, just basic feedback to help improve the genetics. Send an e-mail if interested. You must live in Canada as we NEVER export seeds. Anybody purporting to have our genetics is a fraud although some past cannabis cup winners have used our genetics to win.

We created these seeds out of necessity for medical grade genetic quality. I could not find any high quality seeds, in my opinion. I did a lot of research into the genetics of many strains including genetically modified organisms and found that:
  1. Seeds were just imitations of the real strains which are clone only. The seed companies were relying on the reputation of somebody else. They were lying about their seeds.
  2. Seeds were not properly bred for high quality in terms of taste and potency.
  3. Seeds had extremely bad genetics from ruderalis or afghanica.
  4. True F1 hybrids were really hard to find as indica has been bred into most of the strains.
  5. The few good seeds were poor yielders and/or had much longer flowering times.
  6. Strains with excellent reputation were usually tetraploid plants that were clone only. They turned out to be extremely difficult to grow and were not economically viable.
  7. I wanted a medical grade, connoisseur quality cannabis with good yields. This is extremely hard to do.
    Cannabis Seeds For Sale in Vancouver, B.C. Canada:
  • NEVER buy seeds from located in the UK and/or the Netherlands. They are criminals and liars. They purport to sell my seeds using my brand. I have never heard of them until I was doing a link: check on my site. They even have my logo and my strains but I have never authorized them to sell my seeds.